10% of each purchase goes to conservation!

On the Fly Stickers are in and they look great! Use the form below to order! Each sticker is printed on high quality, breathable vinyl. In other words, it can hold up to the elements and not damage the paint on your vehicle and still be removed anywhere from 3-7 years* from the day you stick it on a surface. Free shipping included for all US mailing addresses. International orders accepted, but $1.50 charge per order will be assessed.  Thanks for your support. 

Stickers are available in a 6" size (pictured above) which is perfect for fly boxes, rod tubes, etc. and 12" size which is better for bigger surfaces. Prices are $4 (6") and $6 (12").

10% of each sticker price will be donated to a conservation effort (selected by you the people).

Proceeds from sticker sales will help with production costs associated with the podcast.  

*Exact length of durability is due to individual climate conditions, but 3M estimates 3 years in tropical conditions to 7 years in temperate/northern climates.

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