Scouting is an important part of fishing, especially when targeting wary wish. Developing a top tier podcast is no different. Not familiar with a podcast? Think of it as an on-demand radio show. (We've had this question before and it's not a dumb one, trust us.) We are currently working hard to get guests lined up for the first few episodes of "On the Fly" podcast. We have a few bites, so to speak, but won't reveal just who yet.

Let us tell you a little bit about this podcast and it's goal. We've said it in other places but this podcast is designed to encourage many others to take up our fine sport, especially young ones and women, and to share our passion with other fly fishers. This will be accomplished by sharing stories of fly fishers from all over the world. You'll feel as though you were there with them and part of the story. OTF will also feature some tips and tricks, gear reviews and brief interviews with professionals in all areas of our fine sport. The show may evolve over time depending on you the listener and your interests. We hope to touch every corner of the Earth and discuss all species you could target with a fly. This is a tall order, but we think we can accomplish it with your help and support.

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