Last week we decided to launch a new feature called "Sunday Cinema." This feature is simply a short film we find in our internet surfing that week. Since it is winter and we are usually stuck at the fly tying bench we figured we'd give you some inspiration. The only change this week is the name. We decided it would be better called "Sunday Shorts" since the videos are 10 minutes or less. If you have a great video you've made or just enjoyed and want to share let us know.

This week's short is entitled "The Golden Chrome: Fly Fishing in the Midwest." This short features some gorgeous footage, lots of fish running and jumping and of course fish being released to see another day. The guys, known as the Shire Life Boys, fish rivers in Indiana and Michigan this past spring. Looks like a place we should all visit. We hope you like it. Let us know in the comments. Tight lines!