The thing we love most about fly fishing is it transcends so many boundaries; age, gender, culture and other human notions. It seems no matter where you live, what language you speak or even what species of fish you target, if you have a fly rod in your hand you can communicate with fly fishers the world over. Here at On the Fly, we never wanted to focus on one species or one country, rather we wanted to share with you stories of fly fishing from around the world. This week we came across a series of fly fishing videos from Sweden. The Field Coffee Diary as the series is titled, are created by a group of fly fishers there and the series chronicles some of their awesome adventures. We present you with the first episode for this week's Sunday Short. 

It features fantastic scenery, some laughs, teamwork and even fish (of course we wouldn't leave the main guest out of a Sunday Short). After watching this you too may be dreaming of packing the bags and heading out to some far off corner of the world with your buddies to explore and chase some fish. Tell us in the comments below, which 2 fishing buddies you would take with you and where and what you would want to catch. We can't wait to hear your responses.

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