There aren't many places in the world when one can go and not see the impacts of humans. We seem to leave our mark wherever we go, forever changing the landscape and even ecology. It seems one of the places we haven't gotten around to ruining yet is the Skeena River system. It is a special place, tucked in the wilderness of British Columbia. The rivers flow naturally with no dams or hydro-stations and there are no hatchery fish inhabited or released into them. This means some of the best fishing on the planet. All five species of Pacific salmon can be found here in addition to bull trout, dolly varden, sea run cutthroats and the revered steelhead. 

This week's Sunday Short takes us to BC and showcases the amazing scenery, wildlife galore and of course fish. Sit back and listen to some reels scream as these aquatic warriors put their opponents to the test. After watching this video it's easy to see why you'll want to get on the next plane up there. We do!