First off, sorry for the long absence. Life has been a little too hectic for our liking here, but it has still been good. We will try and keep up with these features and get cracking on some full length episodes. 

It's safe to say we are completely taken by cutthroat trout. Seeing these beauties in their natural habitats is a memory that will not soon be forgotten. It is oft said that trout don't live in ugly places, but this could not be more truer or any trout like cutthroats. Upon seeing this video we knew we had to share it with you all right away. It's a beautiful mix of underwater stills and above water film. You will see why we think protecting many of these rare species of fish is worth any efforts we can make. We hope you'll agree.

Tell us what gems you have near you that are worth saving. We'd love to hear what is important in your neck of the woods.