Last Tuesday night I received a new nickname while visiting my good friend Aust. But I'll get to that in just a bit. Aust and I go way back. I was actually his high school teacher back in the day. That has lead to a great friendship to the point his kids call me "Uncle Berg" well they did until last week.

I went to visit and more importantly talk fishing on Aust's podcast "Homesteady." Telling fishing stories usually goes better with a good adult beverage and hence the new nickname: Uncle Bourbon. In this episode of Homesteady Aust, James (Pickles, don't ask me why) and I all talk fishing and how to actually catch fish. It is designed for those starting out or those struggling. While we don't guarantee you won't get skunked we cover some basics, tell some stories and even take some live Q & A. Give it a listen and maybe even share it with a friend. Best yet go subscribe to Homesteady. Aust and his guests cover topics from raising live animals to gardening, survival tactics to simplifying life and even hunting and fishing. It's a great show.