Fishing can oft become a solitary pursuit as you try and escape the stresses of every day life. Or possibly you don’t want to share you secret spots even with those closest to you. On a sidenote, I once worked with a guy who would take his son and a buddy to a secret spot, but only after they were blindfolded and their mobile phones confiscated. At least that was the way he told it. Regardless of the reasons, fishing and fly fishing can be more fun when shared with a close friend or even a group. Sure the hoots and hollers may offend those trying to uphold the airs of the quiet sport, but sharing some fun on the water and creating memories that will last a lifetime are well worth a few looks.

This week’s Sunday Short shows what an average trip with a special someone can turn into: smiles, laughs, and best of all wonderful memories.

So who is your fishing buddy? Let us know in the comments below.

Are you still looking for someone to be a good fishing buddy? We have some ideas for you to find a great one. Check out your local fly shop and see if they host a tying night or another type of gathering of like minded individuals. Or go to your local Trout Unlimited chapter meeting if you have one. Other conservation groups have similar meetings where you can also bond with some new friends. Finally, introduce a good friend to the sport and help them either via a guided trip or even just some lessons on the grass. You might just be surprised.