This week we were teased by an amazing short from some good people in the fly fishing world. It has all the ingredients of a perfect Sunday Short: beautiful scenery, wonderful fish, good people having a great time and some wonderful narration:

When I was younger, my dad told me he never went fishing to catch fish. He fished a lot. So it confused me...

Moonshine Rod Compay dropped the aforementioned video on their Instagram feed Friday and as we type this post it has nearly 2,000 views (likely to be over 2,000 when you see this). Instagram limits videos to 1 minute, but what they share in that minute is captivating! We’ll just shut up and let you watch it already.

For those of you who haven’t heard of Moonshine Rod Company yet we are tempted to ask what rock you’ve been hiding under, but we won’t. They are a small team (just 4 humans) building small batch rods that are wonderfully built and offered to all of us at an affordable price. These rods are beautiful, unique and as their mission says: every one of our rods whispers the beginning of a unique story - one that's bound to be epic.” How can we argue that?! Check them out at the link below:

Moonshine Rod Co.